Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes

Pennsylvania is a state in the northeastern region of the United States of America in-between Washington D.C. and New York. It is one of the eight U.S. states that make up a portion of the Great Lakes region of North America. Pennsylvania boasts numerous and great lakes. These lakes include Lake Erie, Harveys Lake (Pennsylvania), Edinboro Lake, Curwensville Lake, Cowanesque Lake, Conneaut Lake, Canonsburg Lake, Raystown Lake, Beltzville Lake, Chapman Lake (Pennsylvania), to mention but a few.

Conneaut Lake

Conneaut Lake is the largest natural lake in Pennsylvania by surface area. It is located in western Crawford County. It has a maximum length and width of approximately of 4.8 and 1.6 km respectively. The maximum depth of the Conneaut Lake is about 24m.

Harveys Lake (Pennsylvania)

Harveys Lake (Pennsylvania) is a natural lake situated in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania with a surface area of about 621.5 acres. It is the largest natural lake in Pennsylvania by volume, and the second-largest lake by surface area.

Edinboro Lake

Edinboro Lake is situated in Erie County, Pennsylvania, United States. It is bordered on three sides by the town of Edinboro. The lakes’ major output is Conneauttee Creek which sequentially flows into French Creek.

Chapman Lake (Pennsylvania)

Chapman Lake is a reservoir situated in Warren County, Pennsylvania within the Chapman State Park. It is formed by the disbandment of the West Branch of the Tionesta Creek.

Raystown Lake

Raystown Lake is a reservoir in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. It is the largest lake that is entirely within Pennsylvania. It has a maximum length of about 45 km, the surface area of 33.6 km2 and a maximum depth of about 61 m.

Beltzville Lake

Beltzville Lake is a 951.5 acres water body located in Beltzville state park in Franklin and Towamensing townships, Carbon County, Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes are tourist attractions and recreational centers for locals and visitors in the U.S.

Lake Erie is popular for diving and surfing. Sports events like kayaking, high-diving, and long-distance swimming are often conducted at this lake. Long distance swimmers have swum across the lake to set records.

Beltzville Lake is a very popular boating and fishing destination. Also, people are permitted to hunt in the Beltzville State Park. The common game species are squirrels, waterfowl, rabbits, pheasant, ruffed goose etc.

Raystown Lake was created basically to control floods, provide electricity, and support recreational activities. Swimming, boating, and fishing are also conducted in this lake. 


A Summer Trip Along The Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes Region

Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes is certainly a complex region. A convenient location and magnificent surroundings make it an ideal place for both business and relaxation. The region is represented by endless opportunities for travelers, who are looking for adventures and beach rest and for businessmen, who are looking for an ideal place to invest in.

Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes region is boating, swimming, fishing, hiking, shopping, camping, and birding at the same time. Multiple museums, theatres, galleries, amusement parks, and casinos give it chic and elegance.

Things to Do in Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes Region

Tourists come to the region for summer, family, and romantic getaways. Many of them choose a concrete data to visit local festivals and events.

  • Family Getaway. Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes region gets special attention from families with children and teenagers. There are plenty of things to do here. Such places as Luzerne County and Seven Springs Mountain Resort offer a breathtaking vacation at the mountains. You get an opportunity to test yourself at swimming, horse riding, and climbing. Everything is followed with delicious homemade food, including pizza and sandwiches. A delightful time in a family circle is guaranteed.
  • Summer Getaway. Mountain trails and lakeshores are at your disposal. Summer adventures await for you. You get an opportunity to choose any existed place to take a deep breath and to relax away from everyday stress. Split Rock Resort, Seven Springs Mountain Resort, Gateway Lodge is only a few popular places.
  • Romantic Getaway. Spend a romantic weekend with your beloved one among magnificent landscapes. Book a comfortable hotel room with delicious breakfasts and hearty dinners, organize a short trip to the mountain, and soak up the sun on the sandy beaches. Outdoor adventures and world-class cuisine make Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes region one of the most charming places in the country. A lot of people choose this place to organize a small, but a heartwarming wedding ceremony.
  • Festivals. Pennsylvania’s calendar of annual events and festivals is overwhelmed. The region holds different events in different seasons. Choose the one depending on your personal taste. For example, Kutztown Folk Festival will be interesting for those who enjoy folk music and DIY stuff. Live music, dancing to exhaustion, handmade items, and the great mood are guaranteed. Or visit Sunbury Celebration if you are into sport. It is a day-long event, which includes baseball, petting zoo, and, of course, delicious food. The end of the day will be as good as the event itself. You will see a set of fireworks, which are considered to be the best in the region. Other festivals include Emlenton Summer Festival, Fairgrounds Square Mall Carnival, SummerFest Wine & Music Festival, HOTAfest, 17th Annual Adams County Irish Festival at Gettysburg, etc. So, scroll through your calendar and decide which festival suits you the most.

As a tourist destination, Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes region is still unknown to many. But it slowly becomes a hotspot on the map of the experienced travelers.

Why Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes Should Be on Your Must-Visit Map

Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes Region has million reasons to become a part of your must-visit travel map. It’s better to be quiet about the region. Calming lakes, magnificent nature, and comfortable climate speak for themselves here. You can’t visit Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes and not fall in love with small shipping ports, huge vineyards, crystal clear water, and wild nature. This place is more than the next spot for a tourist. It is a place with authentic atmosphere and calming vibes.

So, what should you expect from the Great Lakes of Pennsylvania?

Great Lakes with Great Features

  • Amusement Parks. Our first spot is suitable for both children and adults. The region has 3 big amusement parks with sandy beaches, clear blue water, breathtaking carousels, chic restaurants, and pool activities like basketball, volleyball, etc. The amusement park of this region is a perfect place for a family getaway. So, choose Conneaut Lake Park, Splash Lagoon Indoor Water Park Resort, or Waldameer Park & Water World and start packing suitcases. Or you can visit 3 different parks at a time and get the best vacation ever.

  • Biking. This activity will be interesting for those who are into sport and adventures. Pennsylvania’s region offers multiple trails and wooded hillsides to the taste of everyone. This kind of tourism is not restricted to biking only. It includes fishing, boating, swimming, etc. The experienced travellers claim that some of these trails are a true paradise. Among the most popular destinations are French Creek Recreational Trails, East Branch Trail, Mountain Bike Race, Oil Creek State Park, and Karl Boyes Trail. Choose whatever suits you the most.
  • Culture. Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes region is not only about adventurous. It is a good place for a cultural vacation too. Between swimming and biking, you can visit one of the dozens of museums, theatres, or galleries. For example, Academy Theatre is a must-visit place because of its reach history and influence on art since 1885. Or you can visit All An Act Theatre Productions, Allegheny Contra Dance, Allen Stoneware, Barrow Civic Theatre, Erie Art Museum, etc.
  • Wildlife. You can’t visit Great Lakes and miss an opportunity to watch the wildlife with your own eyes. Go to Asbury Woods Nature Center or McKeever Environmental Learning Center if you are a true nature-lover. The abundance of old fields, wetlands, and colorful birds are waiting for you.
  • Food. The region has plenty of comfortable places to stay in and have a hearty breakfast. You can choose something from the luxury side (e.g. Buhl Mansion Guesthouse & SPA) or something from the antique side (e.g. D’Casa Bed & Breakfast). Comfortable rooms and delicious food are guaranteed.

So, start packing your suitcase and don’t forget to save some room in it, because you’ll definitely want to bring some souvenirs from the Great Lakes of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes – The Region of Historic Cities and Wild Nature

Want to have a memorable vacation, but have already tired of popular crowded resorts? Then, the Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes is the way out for you. The region is known for the ideal combination of historic cities and wild nature. It is a good choice for those travelers, who are in an exploratory mood but want to have a rest at the same time. To make the long story short, Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes region is a hidden treasure for experienced travelers and beginners, who start filling up their travelling map. You’ve got a new favorite spot on your must-visit list.

So, how does the region of Great Lakes look like?

The Guide to Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes Region

Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes region is represented by 6 cities – Edinboro, Franklin, Oil City, Erie, Meadville, and Sharon. Let’s look closely at each of them.

Edinboro. It is a central place of summer resort for thousands of tourists each year. Lovely architecture, a huge lake, and magnificent nature attract travelers from different parts of the world. Edinboro is a universal place for swimmers, boaters, campers, artists, potters, and children who enjoy fishing and bathing in the sun.

Franklin. The history of this city has started in distant 1740 when it was a central trading post in the region. The first thing, which strikes you the most is an architecture. Franklin has a magnificent Victorian architecture with hooded windows, double doors, pyramidal turret, and geometric stained glass. The city is known also for the Borrow-Civic Theatre.

Oil City. The name of the city explains the main event and reason to visit it every year- the annual Oil Heritage Festival. Just imagine, more than 50.000 people come here each year to participate in the festival. But this is not the only point of interest in the city. There is a plenty of antique shops, farmer’s markets, authentic jewelry stores, etc.

Erie. This city can be a synonym to vacation in general. Swimming, fishing, boating are the main activities in Erie. It is a resort for outdoor recreation and natural SPA procedures. This city differs from the others, as it has something interesting for everyone. Shopping, theatres, wineries, amusement parks, and even casinos welcome you in Erie. This city won’t allow you and your children to get bored during vacation.

Meadville. Similar to the previous cities, Meadville has long and rich history too. It was settled in 1788, having an ideal location at the confluence of Cussewago Creek and French Creek. The city has many historic districts with unique buildings like the Market House and the Baldwin-Reynolds House.

Sharon. This city has its own uniqueness and absolutely different atmosphere in the region. For example, Sharon is famous for having the World’s Largest Shoe Store and the World’s Largest Candy Store. Your children will be definitely happy to visit the second one. After successful shopping, you can go fishing and boating at the Mercer County’s Lakes.