Why Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes Should Be on Your Must-Visit Map

Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes Region has million reasons to become a part of your must-visit travel map. It’s better to be quiet about the region. Calming lakes, magnificent nature, and comfortable climate speak for themselves here. You can’t visit Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes and not fall in love with small shipping ports, huge vineyards, crystal clear water, and wild nature. This place is more than the next spot for a tourist. It is a place with authentic atmosphere and calming vibes.

So, what should you expect from the Great Lakes of Pennsylvania?

Great Lakes with Great Features

  • Amusement Parks. Our first spot is suitable for both children and adults. The region has 3 big amusement parks with sandy beaches, clear blue water, breathtaking carousels, chic restaurants, and pool activities like basketball, volleyball, etc. The amusement park of this region is a perfect place for a family getaway. So, choose Conneaut Lake Park, Splash Lagoon Indoor Water Park Resort, or Waldameer Park & Water World and start packing suitcases. Or you can visit 3 different parks at a time and get the best vacation ever.

  • Biking. This activity will be interesting for those who are into sport and adventures. Pennsylvania’s region offers multiple trails and wooded hillsides to the taste of everyone. This kind of tourism is not restricted to biking only. It includes fishing, boating, swimming, etc. The experienced travellers claim that some of these trails are a true paradise. Among the most popular destinations are French Creek Recreational Trails, East Branch Trail, Mountain Bike Race, Oil Creek State Park, and Karl Boyes Trail. Choose whatever suits you the most.
  • Culture. Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes region is not only about adventurous. It is a good place for a cultural vacation too. Between swimming and biking, you can visit one of the dozens of museums, theatres, or galleries. For example, Academy Theatre is a must-visit place because of its reach history and influence on art since 1885. Or you can visit All An Act Theatre Productions, Allegheny Contra Dance, Allen Stoneware, Barrow Civic Theatre, Erie Art Museum, etc.
  • Wildlife. You can’t visit Great Lakes and miss an opportunity to watch the wildlife with your own eyes. Go to Asbury Woods Nature Center or McKeever Environmental Learning Center if you are a true nature-lover. The abundance of old fields, wetlands, and colorful birds are waiting for you.
  • Food. The region has plenty of comfortable places to stay in and have a hearty breakfast. You can choose something from the luxury side (e.g. Buhl Mansion Guesthouse & SPA) or something from the antique side (e.g. D’Casa Bed & Breakfast). Comfortable rooms and delicious food are guaranteed.

So, start packing your suitcase and don’t forget to save some room in it, because you’ll definitely want to bring some souvenirs from the Great Lakes of Pennsylvania.

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