Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes – The Region of Historic Cities and Wild Nature

Want to have a memorable vacation, but have already tired of popular crowded resorts? Then, the Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes is the way out for you. The region is known for the ideal combination of historic cities and wild nature. It is a good choice for those travelers, who are in an exploratory mood but want to have a rest at the same time. To make the long story short, Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes region is a hidden treasure for experienced travelers and beginners, who start filling up their travelling map. You’ve got a new favorite spot on your must-visit list.

So, how does the region of Great Lakes look like?

The Guide to Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes Region

Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes region is represented by 6 cities – Edinboro, Franklin, Oil City, Erie, Meadville, and Sharon. Let’s look closely at each of them.

Edinboro. It is a central place of summer resort for thousands of tourists each year. Lovely architecture, a huge lake, and magnificent nature attract travelers from different parts of the world. Edinboro is a universal place for swimmers, boaters, campers, artists, potters, and children who enjoy fishing and bathing in the sun.

Franklin. The history of this city has started in distant 1740 when it was a central trading post in the region. The first thing, which strikes you the most is an architecture. Franklin has a magnificent Victorian architecture with hooded windows, double doors, pyramidal turret, and geometric stained glass. The city is known also for the Borrow-Civic Theatre.

Oil City. The name of the city explains the main event and reason to visit it every year- the annual Oil Heritage Festival. Just imagine, more than 50.000 people come here each year to participate in the festival. But this is not the only point of interest in the city. There is a plenty of antique shops, farmer’s markets, authentic jewelry stores, etc.

Erie. This city can be a synonym to vacation in general. Swimming, fishing, boating are the main activities in Erie. It is a resort for outdoor recreation and natural SPA procedures. This city differs from the others, as it has something interesting for everyone. Shopping, theatres, wineries, amusement parks, and even casinos welcome you in Erie. This city won’t allow you and your children to get bored during vacation.

Meadville. Similar to the previous cities, Meadville has long and rich history too. It was settled in 1788, having an ideal location at the confluence of Cussewago Creek and French Creek. The city has many historic districts with unique buildings like the Market House and the Baldwin-Reynolds House.

Sharon. This city has its own uniqueness and absolutely different atmosphere in the region. For example, Sharon is famous for having the World’s Largest Shoe Store and the World’s Largest Candy Store. Your children will be definitely happy to visit the second one. After successful shopping, you can go fishing and boating at the Mercer County’s Lakes.


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