Extending business in Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes

How do we spot a good company among hundreds of ones that offer pretty similar services? Experts name a few signs that can make even the most discerning customers stick to some particular services for lifetime increasing current budget and helping up a company boost its growth.

Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes is a nice place for starting a serious enterprise as it has all needed infrastructure for further success. When making a choice, customers spend hours checking companies’ reputations. And here are the main principles that help them make the right choice:


Clients always look into our faces. When it comes to business – your face is the head office, for one exception – internet companies should keen on their website. Customers mostly ignore those that look like being developed in the 90’s.

Do not stuff working spots with luxurious items or make them look super high tech – make it neat and clean. Company employees in uniform have 24% chances to make clients return.


Customer feedback is even more important. People will never ignore negative experience of previous clients. No one will want to cooperate with someone who is ignorant or fail their delivery terms.


No matter what you do – give away 100% of what you can. Even if the company is still developing – quality of services will work for its benefit. There are enterprises that went from home workshops to factories in just a year producing high quality goods.

Payment methods

This one is more important than it might seem. For good profit, businessmen choose as many means of money transfer as possible, setting contracts with solid banks to cover all clients’ needs from cash to bank transfer. Smart clients never use regular credit cards. They want more than just an access to bank accounts.

People are looking for the highest rewards and best loyalty programs when choosing credit cards.There are cases when VISAs are not enough, as certain cards are provided by banks in MasterCard format only:

  1. Travel cards

Those who go travel often get them because of:

  • low exchange rate;
  • double safety;
  • low fees for withdrawing cash from any ATM.

Many banks try to make some extra money on people who stay abroad for a while. Huge exchange ratios make them lose up to 50% cash no matter if they use – a POS or an ATM machine. If you plan cooperations with international clients – they will want to pay with travel cards like this effectify.com to save money.

  1. Business cards

Serious clients mostly separate between personal and business cards to build up a solid credit history for companies, not individuals.

They get some good credit plus nice bonuses for current business needs.

  1. Cash back

Some people use cards that pay them back for every purchase. They stop using ATMs and search for POS everytime there is a need to buy something. Such strategy helps banks save funds, so they gladly pay clients back (about 1,5% of their actual expenses).

That might sound not too impressive, but if spending at least $2,000 monthly – at the end of the year such reward might give a chance to go on a short vacation.


Speed plus quality is the basis of an ideal service we all lack so often. Never make customers wait and they will pay you back bringing their family members and friends. One satisfied client is a walking advertisement which is absolutely free.